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Inspection Services

Here you will find a menu of prices based on an average size single family home up to 2000 square feet in size. Call or text John to get a price quote for homes larger than 2000 square feet.
General whole home inspection

The Home Inspection - An InterNachi Certified Inspector will examine every aspect of the home that they can see and touch. This includes interior and exterior systems, HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical, Appliances, Roof Systems, Attics, Plumbing, Windows, Doors, and Driveways.
A full, comprehensive report including digital photos and explanations will be delivered to you within 24hours of the inspection. You are encouraged  to be present and I will explain any findings and answer any questions. I am also available after the report for any further questions you may have later.


Wind Mitigation inspection
 $89(when purchasing a home inspection at the same time. $145.00 if purchased alone)

Wind Mitigation is an inspection that reports on Windows, Doors, Roof and Roof Deck Attachments.  This inspection is required by Insurance companies in order to give you huge discounts on your home owners policy as long as your home meets certain requirements.  These requirements can only be verified by the inspector with a wind mitigation verification form.

Pool and spa inspection
 $FREE(when purchasing a whole home inspection at the same time)

The inspection starts by running the pump and systems, running heating systems if applicable, checking their physical and functional conditions, visual inspection of the pool, pool shell, deck and systems.  If the pool has a screened enclosure surrounding it that will also be inspected for any broken connections, missing pieces ect. 

4point inspection
 $89(when purchasing a home inspection at the same time. $145.00 if purchased alone)

Four Point inspections examine the Roof, Plumbing, HVAC(heating/Air-conditioning), and homes Electrical.  Four Point inspections are required by insurance companies on homes usually(depends on insurance company) over 20 years old. 

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